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CLIENT: Denver Arts & Venues

The client found patrons were having issues way finding and comprehending the operations when attending the Performing Art Center in downtown Denver, CO. Our solution was to design an augmented reality application paired with a series of poster designs for an overall enhanced experience while attending the Denver Performing Art Center.

logo cover.jpg



The objective of this project was to design a logo as well as a set of infographics for a startup company. The graphics are meant to effectively describe the company's work processes. In my role as head designer, I worked directly with the owner of the company.

Artboard 1@3x-100.jpg


CLIENT: Ellis Skis

For this project I worked remotely with a client out of Salt Lake City who is founding his own startup ski manufacturing company. The project involved roughly a month of back and forth refining the personality of the brand to be exactly what he was looking for. For this project I was the sole designer responsible for brand imagery, awareness and development of brand lifestyle. Extensive market research and analysis led to the birth of a niche within the ski industry in which we capitalized on. I have uploaded the process book and stylized brand guide for this project to view.

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