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Usher is an augmented reality application enhanced way finding experience for the Denver Performing Art Center.

The app is currently being developed for iPhone and Android


The venue wanted people to understand the significance and layout of this complex.

Patrons had no idea what was what, why it was there or how to get to their destination.


First we had to see who these attendees were.


Through research we concluded there were 2 vital demographics we needed to adhere in our design to.


We then conducted research to see what solutions were existing and successful.

We found that many modern museums, especially in Scandinavia, were solving this using powerful iconography and minimal design.


All of the successful way finding experiences we found consisted of three main elements.


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After user testing, we concluded that the best solution was to mash physical and digital design. 

A series of branded posters would be placed strategically throughout the complex including a cognizant map of the venue at the entrance.


As an extension of these posters, an app was designed to augment reality when triggered by the icons on each poster. This AR was mostly animations representing the historical context and significance of each venue.


The four posters – minus the map– represent each venue in the complex.


This is a representation of what would happen on your phone if you used the app with the poster.


Here is Jonathan, testing out the nitty gritty to see if our idea could work.

Sure enough, he got it!


The phone recognizes the icon in the corner and displays the correct information at the top segment.

The poster was designed to have these interchangeable AR assets.


Plans for delivery.


Everything is ready to go. The app is currently being developed for both iPhone and Android.


In order to push the product further, as well as the collaboration between CU Denver and Denver Performing Arts Center, the Next Stage Gallery exhibit was established to allow to people to immerse themselves in what is happening in the complex. 

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